"I would visit bryanburk.com at least 100 times a day." -- J.J. Abrams (The Fuselage) 12-16-04
Welcome to Burky's World!

This site is dedicated to Bryan Burk:

Executive Vice President -- Bad Robot Productions
Executive Producer -- Lost (TV Show on ABC)
Executive Producer -- What About Brian (TV Show on
Executive Producer -- Six Degrees (TV Show on ABC)
*It should be noted
that though this fansite
official, Bryan
himself has nothing to
do with the site
content, except to
occasionally tell the
Site Administrator how
crazy she is to have a
site dedicated to him.
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Why does a TV Producer need a website?

Bryan Burk (or "Burky" as he is known to his fans) is not
your ordinary TV Producer.  Besides working tirelessly on
some of the best shows on television, he is also very kind
and generous to the fans.  His frequent posts on
Fuselage (official website for the Creative Team behind
Lost) have endeared him to many.  This website is a place
to come and learn about the man, his current projects, what
he has done in the past, what he plans for the future, and
to give his fans a venue to express their "loyalty to the man
who is loyal to us."

So take a look around, learn about Burky, get
some insider information regarding the shows he
produces, and if you are so inclined -- join his fan
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